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Wireless 2.4GHZ Transmitter Receiver 50 Meter

Wireless 2.4GHZ Transmitter Receiver 50 Meter

Artikelnummer: 40387

Product Description

Tired of the limited range of your current Security CCTV or Spy Camera setup? Check out the Longinus Pro 2.4 GHz wireless Signal Booster and Receiver; you can reliably boost your video transmissions to their ultimate potential. This beast of a booster will work realistically for 100M; think about it, 100M! That’s the length of more than 13 regulation American Football Fields and 21 Boeing 747’s in a row lengthways.

The Longinus Pro comes as a pair of magical devices which couldn’t be simpler to setup, connect up the power on the two slick little creatures and select the frequencies you want to transfer to signal over with and then attach the transmitter to your camera. Finally place the receiver at your DVR or Monitor and everything will be sorted; ridiculously ranged wireless transmission of your AV signal, it couldn’t be more convenient.

So why not choose the Longinus Pro - 2.4 GHz Wireless Signal Booster and Receiver to take care of your Audio and Video signals for you. With 8 channels you can wirelessly transport your AV signal all the way across a magically massive range into your desired visual display, and both PAL and NTSC are supported. You can even power your camera through the transmitter, resulting in a much more tidy arrangement of wires.

Color: Blue (Signal Transmitter), Black (Receiver)
Output Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Compatibility: PAL/NTSC
Connectors/Ports: Transmitter: antenna, power, custom AV
Receiver: antenna, video, audio, power
Frequency Control: CPU frequency lock control likes loop and lock up every frequency points
Preset channel frequencies ON DIP: receiver 1-4 signal switches, receiver 1-2 signal switches
Transmission Signal: Video, Audio
Linear Transmission Distance: 100M
Linear Transmission Power: 1000mW
Demodulation Mode: FM
Channel: 8 channels

Package Contents:
Booster and Receive Kit
Signal Antenna
Power Adapter
User Manual
Power Adapter
AV Cable
Camera Cable 1
Camera Cable 2
Receiver Antenna


Wireless 2.4GHZ Transmitter Receiver 50 Meter [40387]

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