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Wi-Fi doorbell with camera battery operated

Wi-Fi doorbell with camera battery operated

Artikelnummer: 41404

Product Description

With the Secu24 DID502 Wi-Fi doorbell, you will never miss another visitor. The Wi-Fi doorbell is fully wireless and runs on 4 AA (penlite) batteries. Whether you’re at home or out, a message is always sent to your phone whenever someone rings the doorbell. The app immediately shows you the visitor and lets you speak with them. The images of the visitor are automatically recorded on a micro SD card and easily reviewed or downloaded via the SecuFirst app. The Wi-Fi doorbell also includes a wireless receiver for at home. When someone rings the doorbell, this receiver sends a signal to wherever you happen to be in your home, such as in the garden or living room. The Wi-Fi doorbell is also secured against theft by means of a special screw on the bottom of the housing.

Advantages of the SEC24 Wi-Fi doorbell

Always being able to see who’s at the door
With a 90° angle of view, the camera ensures that you can always see the person at your door (in HD quality, 720P). You can view the camera images via your smartphone or tablet.

Voice communication
In addition to showing you the person ringing your doorbell, the system’s built-in microphone and speaker let you speak with your visitor before you decide whether to open the door.

Opening the door remotely
Via the app, the Wi-Fi doorbell also lets you open the door remotely for your visitor since the back of the outdoor unit has two free connections for an electric door opener and/or port.

Keep your existing wired doorbell
In addition to the wireless receiver supplied, the Wi-Fi doorbell can also be connected to your existing wired doorbell or chime so that you never have to miss another visitor again.

Night vision
The camera is fitted with three infra-red LEDs, ensuring that you always have clear images even when it is dark (from up to a distance of 3 metres).

The complete set includes batteries. The batteries of the Wi-Fi doorbell will last for six months in the case of three visitors daily. The batteries of the wireless receiver will last for about one year in the case of three visitors daily. The batteries are standard AA (penlite) batteries and easily replaced.

Notifications on your smartphone
Get an in-coming call on your smartphone as soon as a visitor rings the doorbell. This notification function can be set up for multiple devices and is also easy to switch off via the app.

Viewing images
Recorded images can be quickly and conveniently viewed via the app. Each camera has a logbook that records all activities. You can also download these camera images onto your smartphone or tablet free of charge.

The Wi-Fi doorbell is secured against the theft by means of a special screw on the bottom of the housing.

Reliable and secure
Your camera images are private! In the interest of your privacy, you are required to change the default password as soon as you install the system in order to prevent unauthorised persons from easily logging in to your camera. Furthermore, all data is transmitted via European servers that are secured in accordance with 2018 European standards.

No hidden costs
All of the camera's functions can be used immediately and are free of charge. This means there is no subscription fee for certain functions.

Easy to install
The Wi-Fi doorbell can be installed quickly and easily. Connect the camera using the supplied batteries, download the SecuFirst HD app and follow the instructions displayed in the app.

Fully wireless
The DID502 doorbell runs on batteries and connects to your router via Wi-Fi, so no cables are required for a standard installation.

OMGuard HD App
The OMGuard HD iOS & Android app is free to download. Just search the Apple Store or the Google Play Store for ‘OMGuard HD’.

All SEC24 products come standard with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Wi-Fi doorbell with camera battery operated [41404]

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