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Flashlight 50W 4500 Lumen

Flashlight 50W 4500 Lumen

Artikelnummer: 40526

Product Description

This 38W / 50W alternating current double power HID Flashlight that using yellow filter allows light into the 4000K yellow light, use outdoor.
HID (High intensity discharge) or named "high intensity discharge lamps", poured Xenon into the quartz tube by high-tech, then ballast will be 12 volts up to 23,000 volts through the precise moment, electronic in the xenon tube free, formed between the two electrodes formed a bunch of powerful, not only more light, but also illuminate wider, we call gas discharge, as produced by super xenon arc white light similar to the sunshine series are equipped with high-HID xenon lamp currently.

Color: Black
Brightness: 4500 lumens
Ballast: AC 250-400HZ
Bulb: 38W/50W dual power around 3000 hours life
Output power: 38W/50W dual power
Color Temperature: 6000K
Batterylife: 38W 70 minutes / 50W 100 minutes
Battery: 12V 6600mA
Lamp diameter: 88mm
Flashlight diameter: 46 mm
Length: 386 mm
Weight: 1400g
Operating temperature: -10 / 85 degree

Package Contents:
Aluminum Case
Flashlight 50W
Battery 6600 mAh
Car charger
220V charger


Flashlight 50W 4500 Lumen [40526]

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