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CPM 700 Counter Surveillance PRO

CPM 700 Counter Surveillance PRO

Artikelnummer: 40616

Product Description

The CPM-700 is a broadband receiver designed to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, video transmitters, and tape recorders.

Broadband receivers such as the CPM-700 provide a very important cost-effective tool for professional sweep teams, government security personnel, and private citizens with important security needs.

The CPM-700 is very effective for rapidly detecting and locating transmitted signals, while being very easy to learn to use. The CPM-700 sweep kit includes a custom Cordura case that contains all items necessary to conduct a professional sweep.

There are several "imitations" of the CPM-700 on the market because of it's success as a product. While some of these copies may be cheaper, they do not provide the frequency performance and sensitivity of the CPM-700. We guarantee it!

R.F. Probe:
Gain: 20dB nominal Frequency
Response: 50kHz-2GHz ±3dB 3GHz-10dB
Sensitivity: -62dBm (1 segment) -85dBm M.D.L.

Microwave Probe:
Frequency Response: 2GHz - 12GHz / 3dB
Antenna Gain: 7dB Nominal
Sensitivity: -65dBm (1 segment)
Audible Sensitivity: -70dBm
Min. Discernible Signal Level (MDSL)

RF Sniffer Probe:
Frequency Response: 2mhz - 3GHz
Preamp Gain: 20dB Nominal
Sensitivity: -35dBm (8cm from target)
Audible Sensitivity: -55dBm (8cm from target) MDSL

Infrared Probe:
Frequency Response: 10khz - 5mhz
Wavelength: 725 - 1150nM
View Angle: +/- 40 deg

VLF Carrier Current Probe:
Frequency Response: 15kHz - 2.5mhz +/-3dB
Sensitivity: -38dBm (1 segment)
Audible Sensitivity: -50dBm MDS
Max Input Voltage: 300VAC 50-60Hz

Acoustic Leakage Probe:
Frequency Response: 50kHz - 10kHz (surface dependant)
Impedance: 47K Ohm

VLF Probe:
Frequency Response: 15kHz-1MHz-3dB
MAX input voltage: 300 VAC 50-60Hz
Isolation: 1500 VAC 60Hz
Sensitivity: -38dBm (1 segment) -60 M.D.L.

Audio Amplifier:
Input Impedance: 50K Ohm balanced
Input Range: 1.7uV-10V (135dB) AGC
Dynamic Range: 100dB (high and low gain)
Frequency Response:100Hz- 15kHz±3dB (filtered) 500Hz-24dB/octave, 2.5kHz-18dB/octave
Headphone Output: 5Vp-p 220  
Record Out: 25 mVp-p nominal with AGC

LCD bargraph: 18 segment with pulsing single segment trip point 50dB dynamic range (1 segment High Gain to MAX Low Gain)
Alert Output: 2.8kHz tone or silent red LED at 2Hz
Remote Output: N.O. contact (300mA 25V MAX)

8 ea. MN1500 AA Alkaline - Life 10-16 hrs
(Optional) 8 ea. 550mAh NiCad - life 3-5 hrs per charge
Low Battery Indicator: approx. 10% remaining power

AC adpter/Charger:
Input: 95-l30VAC 50-60Hz, or 200-275VAC 50-60Hz
Output: 12VDC with 500mA NiCad Recharge Time: 8-10 hrs

CPM 700:
Size: 23.2 x 15.6 x 4.4 cm
Weight: 39 oz, 1.1 kg

Package Contents:
CPM 700
R.F. Probe
Microwave Probe
RF Sniffer Probe
Infrared Probe
VLF Carrier Current Probe
Acoustic Leakage Probe
Modular Phone Adapter
Patch Cords
Cigarette Lighter Adapter
8x niMH Battery
Carrying Case


CPM 700 Counter Surveillance PRO [40616]

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